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The reason we don’t have a Christmas Tree

Posted by on December 15, 2013

2013-12-13 13.36.14We have a really nice Christmas Tree in Storage in Utah problem is that’s just too far away. Daddy says we could buy a replacement for the price of gas needed to retrieve it, That’s just what daddy did, he ordered a new tree from Amazon and picked up new decorations from Smith’s. Then when the tree arrived Daddy got it out of the box to set it up. After getting it set up, Daddy left the room to talk with mommy, the darn kittens started to test the tree to see if it was eatable. It wasn’t but they remembered birds live in trees so the started climbing to try and find a bird. The tree just wasn’t up to the assault and fell over dead. When daddy came back, he gave up and moved the tree to the garage. No Christmas Tree for us. I knew the kittens would be nothing but trouble when daddy and mommy agreed to foster them two and a half years ago. Once again I have been proven right. We didn’t have a tree last year either but somehow Santa still found us so all is not lost.

On a happy note at least for me yesterday my cousins Samantha and Bella got groomed. Bella is NOT happy! Angle got her ears cleaned and brushed. Lucky me I escaped notice. Another week has passed with no bath. I am a happy camper. Something is seriously wrong with Samantha, she enjoys going to the groomers. Why would anyone like being groomed. Samantha hasn’t had a stroke like my daddy did so I can’t blame it on her not being in her right mind. Poor girl needs help. Maybe she needs to go to the dog whisperer.