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This has got to stop!

Posted by on September 17, 2017

Again, my sister Autumn got to go with mommy and daddy on a car ride and I got left behind. The went with Aunt Mary to Pioneer Days at Spring Mountain Ranch. Mommy says that Autumn got to go because she behaves herself around strangers. Sure, I bark and act like I want to kill anyone who comes around but haven’t you heard about “Stranger Danger”? Keep in mind the only reason we haven’t been killed by the mailman is because I chase him off every day.

That said I get to gloat over the chicken. After they got home Aunt Mary bought us all KFC. My sister Autumn went in the bedroom with mommy sure that her big sad eyes would convince mommy to share lots of her food as she always does. Meanwhile both daddy and Aunt Linda gave me big tastes and mommy thought the chicken was too good so refused to share. So, I got chicken and my sister got nothing. Serves her right for going off and leaving me at home.

Of course while they were gone the evil mailman tried to attack our house and I scared him off but not before he could drop pills and bills for daddy. Trump wants to build a wall and kick out all the illegals why doesn’t he start by throwing out all the mailmen. The least he could do is end all federal funding for the postal Service. Why should our tax dollars go to support such an evil group?