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This Week in the News

Posted by on April 16, 2016

Philosophical Question of the week.

First you must understand that my pain in the fur brother Dien considers that anytime the food or water dish isn’t overflowing it’s empty and needs to be filled.

Today Dien managed to sneak into the garage where he hung out all day. While he was out there, daddy, filled both the cat food and the water dish. However, since Dien didn’t see him do it, once Dein was back in the house he started yelling at daddy demanding that his water bowl and food dish both be topped of. It didn’t matter that the food bowl had a mountain of food way above the top of the bowl or that there was no room for any more water in the water bowl, since Dein hadn’t seen the filled so they were both empty.

Good old Dien


My nephews sure have a lot of energy. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had 1/2 the energy they have but then I look at my daddy sitting on the couch and decide that a nap is much more enjoyable. Speaking of which I hear the couch calling me.

A great thing about nephews is dinnertime. If they don’t want something they try to slip it to me under the table. I never thought anything would come between me and going to bed with my daddy but bedtime will have to wait until after my nephews finish dinner.

Daddy is in Trouble!

I don’t know where he is going or what he thinks he is doing leaving me behind but….

Daddy got up this morning and gave his CPAP a bath. He’s supposed to clean it once a week. That’s no big deal it’s what came next that is getting him in trouble. Daddy packed it up in its case and took off leaving me, mommy, and Autumn behind. Daddy needs the CPAP to sleep. He must be going someplace for a night or two and he is going someplace without us. That is NOT allowed. I don’t know what daddy thinks he is doing but he better come back for me!

It’s OK I Guess

Daddy came back home it seems that the CPAP had to see the doctor. I didn’t know that machines need to see doctors as well. The important thing is that daddy didn’t go on another trip without me.