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Tomato Lady

Posted by on February 13, 2013
The Tomato Lady

The tomato lady

My mommy and daddy went to see the tomato lady today at her test garden. They say it was really nice but we didn’t get to go. Mommy came back with two books and more seeds to plant. I just don’t understand this planting stuff, why is it ok for mommy and daddy to dig in the yard but not for us? Then there are parts of the yard mommy can play in but we can’t. Daddy can run outside whenever he wants but they get mad at me if I take off and run out the front door. Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense.

Sweet tomato garden

Sweet tomato garden

But then my Daddy shared his lunch with us left over steak from last night’s BBQ so life is good.

Today was the first time Daddy has driven his truck since his stroke, it a stick, though I thought it was a truck so daddy is the only one who can drive it.  Mommy was concerned but as far as I can tell everything went well. They came home safe and sound and I don’t think mommy had a nervous breakdown. Though I’m not sure since I don’t know what one looks like but all I saw was seeds and two books. As far as I know that’s all mommy got.

Daddy says they need to take the back off the truck so they can buy some dirt, yet the back yard seems to be full of dirt. I don’t see why they need more. But daddy seems to think they need a couple of yards of dirt, not sure where they are going to put the extra yards but I hope I get to go out and play in them.