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Tristan Home Security & Early Warning System

Posted by on July 16, 2013

oN GAURD DUTYAlways on duty ever vigilant. Mail security our specialty.

Today was a bad day the evil mailman came not once, not twice, but three times. First he brought daddy’s insulin. Daddy has to give himself five shots a day. My daddy hates needles I wish the mailman would stop bring him this stuff. Next he brought the bills more stress for my daddy. Lastly he brought a box for Aunt Linda. Daddy says it’s a scale so she can weigh herself. Aunt Linda has been losing weight. I’m sure this scale will just cause her more stress, in fact she has been stressing about it for days. I think the need to outlaw the mailman and lock them all up then throw away the key.
Daddy took this picture of me waiting by the door incase the mailman dares to darken our doorstep with his presence again. Some day I’m going to get out there and make him sorry for all the evil he has done to my family.