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Tristan you are a fool

Posted by on June 18, 2015
Dien using the computer

Here I am using you computer

It’s so easy to open your computer up, I did it all the time when it was dad’s computer. Of course that’s how he got all those cat pictures on his Facebook wall. It just goes to show you how much smarter we cats are than you dogs. Besides even if I couldn’t get the notebook open Dad leaves his desktop computer on all the time for network printing and storage. Unlike you I have no problem getting on dad’s chare or accessing the internet via dad’s desktop.

As for the hacking there is no way I could be on the FBI watch list only bad hackers get caught. The rest of us remain invisible. We remain Anonymous! I can get into your blog anytime I want. Just like tonight. I just haven’t bothered. To be frank you’re just not worth it. If you had half the brains we cats have you would have already found a way to order that Kong you keep barking about .I can get anything I want and not have to pay a penny for it.

I’m the one who helped dad plan the vacation so I could keep you and you pesky little flea ball out of my hair for a month. Things we peaceful without the two of you here.

Since you are soo fond of getting sponsors for you post here’s one for you. I’ve don’t the math…We can’t afford the dog. Enjoy your stinking bones I’m going back to enjoying looking at the sexy Felines purr…