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Tristan’s Frequently Asked Questions

Tristan for President
Posted by on May 31, 2016
Tristan for President

Let Washington know it’s time for a change vote Tristan for President.

What political party is Tristan associated with?

Tristan is an independent is not associated with any political party. First off, as a non-human with no voting rights the parties like the politicians don’t care about him and won’t let him join. Secondly the parties have their agendas that their candidates are expected to push, Tristan does not want others trying to control his policies.

Is Tristan conservative or Liberal?

Tristan chooses not to apply tags to himself or to others. If it becomes a one or the other Tristan does have Conservative tendency. However, he also has liberal ones. Tristan believes that, despite the fact that it concentrated only on the human race, The United States Constitution combined with the Declaration of Independence form the most perfect outline for government ever created.

Has Tristan given any thought to choosing a running mate?

Dein, one of my pet cats

Dein, my favorite chew toy

There has been a lot of talk about diversity mostly about women, blacks, or Hispanics. Humans have been in control for thousands of years and look at the mess they’ve made. It’s time to turn the reins over to others and see what they can do. Tristan is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He realizes that his Vice President must provide a strong contrast to his own personality. After consulting with his advisory board Tristan has reluctantly agreed that Dein is the best choice. Though a pain in the lower back; Dien is strong willed, Demanding, and stubborn. There is also the fact that cat’s always land on their feet something that will come in very handy. While dogs are pack animals putting the needs of the pack before that of the individual, cats are solitary thus choosing Dien as his running mate Tristan will insuring that individual rights are not forgotten. The final point is that Dien will insure the “Crazy Cat Lady’s” vote.

What is Tristan’s stance on global warming and the environment?

This is really two questions:

The Environment

Man has made a mess of the world. Cutting down the rain forest, poisoning the water ways, and worse of all killing those who are weaker. It’s time for that to stop in the 1960s and 1970s there were a group of commercials showing a Native American crying over the litter across the land. This lead to a new awareness and a strong effort to clean things up. It is time for a new push to hold companies and people responsible for the damage that they have done and cleaning up the mess. Tristan says “stop destroying our natural resources and lets all work together to make the world a better place. That said somewhere along the line government has lost its common sense. Threatening a farmer for building a small pond which not only waters his cattle but also provides a home to other species is insane.

Global Warming

Tristan has found that the best way to raise money is to “cry wolf”. Find a problem and governments will throw money at it the worse the problem the more money they throw. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real problem in-fact the fake one’s are best. Time and again the so called climate scientists have been proven wrong. It’s reached a point where they are providing their own “facts” to prove their point and when the “facts” are shown to be wrong such as the loss of the Antarctica Ice Sheet they make up new ones. In 2006 Mr Gore bored us with his predictions in “An Inconvenient Truth” only to have them like so many before fail to come about. Tristan does not feel that there is any real science associating global climate change to manmade effects. In fact, the science points to something totally different.

Has Tristan thought about GMOs?

Genetically modified organism (GMO), like this presidential race, has had a lot of press lately, much of it garbage. Tristan feels that everyone has the right to know what they are putting into their bodies. He agrees that food stuff containing GMO s should be labeled as such. The science is unsure on the safety of GMOs at this time other than pushing for labels Tristan has not taken a stance.

Where does Tristan stand on gun control?

Tristan feels that there are some people who should never be allowed near guns but other than those who have proven themselves to be a danger to society or themselves Tristan does not support any form of gun control. Let’s face it if removing legal guns from the people made the people safer than places like Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Detroit and even L.A. should be among the safest place in America. The truth is criminals don’t obey laws. That’s why they are called criminals. Bad people will find a way to do bad things and removing guns from the good people only make things better for the criminals. Tristan agrees with the saying the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Tristan does feel that extensive gun safety training should be required before anyone can buy a gun. Tristan also supports gun safety training in school

What about LGBT rights?

The history of mankind is one of strife and oppression of those who are different. Be it nationality, religion, skin or hair color, or just the way they act. Tristan says we don’t need to agree with others but as long as their actions don’t harm others then they should be allowed to live as the chose. Alan Turing and his team of dedicated mathematicians were responsible for saving countless lives and bringing an early end to World War II yet despite being a hero he was punished and ultimately died young because of his homosexuality.

The Declaration on Independence states “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This is very clear we are all equal and have basic rights that cannot be denied. Tristan is sad that it uses the word man he feels this should have been left out.

Why does Tristan want to close the U, S. Postal Service?

Tristan has two reasons for closing the Postal Service


The Post Office operates at a loss of approximately 50 million dollars a day that’s a big chunk of change. If any business lost that kind of money it wouldn’t take long before either the CEO was sacked or the business folded. Why has the Post Office been allowed to remain open when it’s losses are in the billions year after year? If they can’t at least break even shut them down.


As every dog knows, there is a reason for the term “going postal” yet we are expected to let these potentially violent criminals into our neighborhoods and even our homes. Six days a week all across the country Mailmen raid the small letter boxes in front of our homes looking for and stealing anything they find while leaving stress causing bills behind.


What exactly is Tristan’s plan for handling crime?

Not only do prisons not work they cost America a fortune to operate. Tristan feels there must be a better answer. To begin with there are different kinds of criminals, those who can be rehabilitated, those who can’t, those who are a danger to society and/or themselves.

Drug Use

Looking at the statistics the majority of offenders are drug related. Drug addiction can be treated however, if the underlying cause itself isn’t treated they will likely just start up again. Treatment must include not just detoxing of the addiction but more importantly identifying the root cause, why did they start to begin with, and treating that. It’s more a phycology issue than anything else. True drug abusers tend to commit other crimes due to their addiction but once the addiction and cause are fixed they are unlikely to return to a life of crime

Other Drug related crimes

Things are different when looking at those who supply the drugs. True some “pushers” fall into “the user” category but most of those in the supply chain are in it for their own gain. They don’t care who they hurt they just care about what they get out of it. Most who fall into this group can’t be helped because they don’t want to be helped.

Minor Crimes

Many who fall into this category are crying for help locking them up with other offenders will not help them physiological help is best and may turn these minor criminals into good strong citizens.

Violent criminals

Tristan doesn’t consider those who become violent after years of abuse and act against their abuser as belonging in this group.

These are the worst of it worse in most cases they can’t be helped and must be removed from society for the safety of the population. Locking them up and throwing away the key has been proven as a failure. There was a time when people like this might be shipped off to a remote location forced to fend for themselves. In today’s world this isn’t an option or is it? Tristan thinks it’s time to think outside the box.

Tristan’s answer

It’s bad enough that society must pay the cost of higher prices in stores, higher insurance, and higher taxes because of the action of a few bad apples. Why must society also pay to incarcerate them? Tristan says with all this talk about space expiration and mining colonies on either the moon or in the asteroid belt. Why not use prisoners to build and operate mining facilities on the moon? Tristan believes that through a jointly funded programs where the government and corporate America share the cost space based penal colonies can not only become a reality buy provide a needed boost to the economy and advances in space exploration. Inmates would have the choice of moon based solitary confinement being provided with only the basic necessities of life with no chance of escape or freedom or they could apply their considerable energy and intellect toward building a new world one in which their efforts would be rewarded both financially and with perks.

In the meantime, the U. S. Constitution guaranties protection from cruel and unusual punishment. It does not state that prisoners must live high on the hog. Why must inmates live better in prison than many law abiding Americans can? Let’s remove their TVs and other luxuries. Providing them with just the basics a small shared room, a single bed, basic not fancy food, physical exercise and reading materials. If they can’t be rehabilitated, then don’t waste money on them.

Youth Offenders

America has seen an increase in the amount of crimes committed by our youth. Gangs have replaced families and even very young children are committing hideous crimes. There are two problems that contribute the rise in youth crimes.

First and most devastating is the destruction of the family.

Single parent homes force the one parent to work multiple jobs in order to meet the needs of the family living the children without the love, support, and guidance they need. In today’s society even in homes with two parents they both feel the need to work in order to keep up with the Jones. This creates a vacuum which sadly is too often filled by gangs and peer pressure. There is no easy answer to this. Tristan knows of no magic wand he can wave to restore the family. The first thought is for society to step in and take over for the missing parents or to provide a system where single parents don’t have to work. These gut responses don’t fix the core problem they only create a society that is dependent on others to provide for their need. Tristan understands that sometimes things don’t work out between couples. However, if they have created children together both parents must strive jointly to provide not just financially for their children but emotionally as well. Parents must be held accountable for the welfare and actions of their children.

Second is the lack of things to do.

One of the best ways to keep someone out of trouble is to keep them busy. Youth come home from school to an empty house with no supervision and nothing to do. Homework is ignored because teachers and parents don’t seem to care one way or the other about it. After school programs work for some but not all children. More must be done to provide work opportunities to youth of all ages. Paper routes once a teen’s job are now handled by adults. Kids attempting to setup lemonade stands are shut down by local governments due to lack of licensing. Businesses have taken over the mowing of yards once a common chore among the youth.

  • Government needs to get its big head out of the way and allow children to be children doing things that keep them busy and out of trouble.
  • Parents must assign and then inforce to completion of household chores
  • Teacher must follow-up insuring that homework assignments are completed and children are not just passed from grade to grade.
  • Work opportunities must be provided for older youth allowing them to earn money while learning both the value of work and the managing of money.

How does Tristan feel about capital punishment?

Tristan feels that all life is valuable. However, there are those few sociopathic members of society that can’t be helped and won’t or can’t change. For society’s safety they must be removed. Like it or not the continual funding of a cozy life in prison at the taxpayer’s expense isn’t the answer. For these few Tristan supports the death penalty.

How will Tristan Defeat ISIS?

The key to defeating any enemy is to understand them. The fact we must come to terms with is that Islam isn’t the problem anymore than Christianity was in Ireland. Thugs will be thugs they are just looking for an excuse. Sadly, America through their Islamophobia is providing just that excuse.

There is the saying that if you want to kill a snake cut off its head The problem is ISIS isn’t a snake it’s more of a Hydra, chop off one head and others are waiting to take its place. In order to defeat ISIS we need a new plan going after the root or roots of the problem.

Step 1

America and the rest of the world need to end their Islamophobia treating Islam as they do everyone else.

Step 2

There are Mullah who make it their mission to preach hate. Using their own interpretation of the Koran They deceive weak minded individuals into assisting them in achieving their own goals. Assisted by the wests new found Islamophobia and wealth compared to the meeker living conditions of the middle East. They are nothing more than common criminals Willing to hurt anyone including their own followers for their personal gain. They should be treated like any other criminal locked away in space for all time. They problem is that they have created an environment where any action taken against them is seen as an attack on Islam This takes us to step three.

Step 3

Islam with support but not under the control of the rest of the world, Islam needs to lead a multinational taskforce to seek out, capture, prosecute, and imprison those who pervert the teachings of the Koran for their own gain. Trusted and honest Islamic leaders must be in charge of this force or it will only be seen as an attack on the faith. It is time for the true followers of Islam to step up and put their foot down.

Step 4

Though the Middle East controls a vast supply of the world’s oil reserves. They people are poor living in conditions worse than American Prisoners. Their poor living conditions make them easy victims of the self-serving Mullahs. Though Tristan is not a fan of big government. The funds earn through oil sales must be used to educate and employ the local people. One major Middle Eastern country has provided a welfare system that prevents the people from working. Instead most jobs are filled by outsiders while locals sit at home with nothing to do creating a perfect environment for problems. Keeping people busy helps keep them out of trouble.

How does Tristan feel about Apportion?

As stated before Tristan feels that All life is valuable. If persons must have sex, there are ways to safely prevent pregnancy. Tristan feels that abortion should only be an answer in the case of rape, incest, or health conditions affecting the mother’s ability to safely carry and deliver a child. Apportion should not be a case of I had fun. I didn’t take percussions, and now that I’m pregnant I don’t want the responsibility.

Teen Pregnancy and sex education

Too many teens are becoming parents long before they are physically or emotionally fit to do so. Part of this goes back to the lack of parental involvement. Sadly, lack of knowledge in human sexuality and prevention. Sex education should start in the home but many parents are embarrassed to talk with their children about sex or lack the knowledge themselves.

Abstinence is best if you don’t have sex you won’t get pregnant. However, peer pressure and other things encourage children to make irresponsible choices. Without knowledge children who become sexually active not only put themselves at risk of pregnancy but also Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD). Schools must provide sexual education and prevention training in the absence of parents providing the same training.

What are Tristan’s thoughts on the IRS and Taxes?

They say two things are certain death and taxes. Governments need money to pay for needed infrastructure, law enforcement, schools, the military, and other needed expenses. Sadly, it seems that the few tend to pay the most. The poor have safety nets the rich have exemptions while the middle class are burdened with most of the load. One candidate has suggested a flat tax removing all loop holes and exemptions to insure everyone pays their fair share. Tristan supports this idea but also feels that businesses that benefit from infrastructure should help cover the cost. Roads must be maintained to allow products to be brought to market. The cost of building and maintain these roads should fall on those that use them.

What is Tristan’s stance on the size of the government?

The government is too big it must be cut. Much of what it does could and should be handled by corporate and even private America. Those who work for the government should be expected to perform as well as those in private enterprise and should not expect to be paid more or receive better benefits than the rest of America.

What will Tristan do about the national debt?

For the most part families are expected to live within their income or face the consequences. The government should also live within its income.

The first step is of course cutting its size. Let private America step up and fill in much of whet Uncle Sam is now doing. The government doesn’t benefit from its research why should it fund it?

Second government must cut waste, why should hammers and other items cost several times more when bought by the government than when anyone else buys them. Government employees should not be paid more or have better benefits than the rest of America, If they are doing the same job they should expect the same pay.

Where does Tristan stand on Education?

Education is the key to success. However, studies show that the American education system is broke American children lack the basics they need to survive let alone compete with the rest of America. Our future leaders are graduating high school unable to read, write, spell, or perform even basic math. They have no idea how to balance a checkbook, manage household expenses or even pay bills.

We are all different a one size fits all approach does not work nor does teaching to the lowest level. A child’s self-esteem is hurt more by the way others react to their ability than by what they can or can’t do. It’s time to return to a program where children are taught and expected to perform at their ability not all the same. Some children excel at math or sciences, while others excel in other areas. Neither group are per-sa smarter than the other they are just different.

America’s education must encourage a student’s strength helping them grow in these areas while not neglecting other important studies building on their strength and developing their weaknesses.

What are Tristan’s thoughts on Drugs?

Many drugs are dangerous, addictive, or inhibit responsible action. These drugs must be illegal and removed from society. Evil men have found ways to provide these dangerous and illegal drugs making large profits at the expense of all. A recent report showed that one Mexican drug lord owned more airplanes than Mexico’s largest airline. Tristan mentioned these providers earlier in this FAQ There is no place in our society for such people they must be removed and all they own should be taken to cover the cost of prosecution, restitution, imprisonment, and more.

Where does Tristan stand on the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)?

Access to affordable healthcare should be a basic right guaranteed under the constitution. It should not however be mandated by the federal government. The buying of insurance should be up to the individual as should the cost of such care. Under Obamacare more persons have insurance but the cost has sky rocketed while coverage has shrunk.

Pharmaceutical companies are making insane profits on needed lifesaving drugs. One company was recently in the news for increasing the cost of one medication by 5,000%. The cost to manufacture this one drug is just $1.00 per pill yet they increased the price from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. On this 62 year-old drug cost of research has already been covered there is no reason other than greed to raise the cost like they did. This is criminal and the drug company should be held accountable. Send their CEO and other responsible individuals to the moon penal colony.

Unrealistic rewards for malpractice have driven healthcare costs through the ceiling. Yes those who commit malpractice must be held accountable and their victims should have future related healthcare and other needs covered but the should not become superrich overnight due to minor fixable conditions.

How will Tristan handle the immigration problem?

America is founded on immigration even the so called Native American’s are immigrants. America is a melting pot and this diversity has made America the great country that it is. Much of South America lacks the standard of living we enjoy. It’s understandable that others would want to come here and prosper from America’s greatness. However, Tristan warns, that we must manage and control who is allowed into this country. Our immigration system is broken. It’s too hard for outsiders to gain entry and become a productive member of our society. America needs to simplify the process while still keeping criminals, terrorists and other bad apples out. Those who enter the country illegally must be sent home where they can request entry through proper channels. Children born in America should not Automatically become American citizens. These so called “anchor babies” are a burden on America and add to our national debt. Illegals should not receive food stamps, free healthcare, welfare, or other benefits.

How does Tristan feel about Social Security?

A study found that person’s receiving social security benefits only receive about 62% of that they’ve invested. Social security is only going broke because the Fed has miss spend social security funds in other areas. Social security not China is the largest holder of US debt. Tristan feels the problem here is with the management of the program and not the program itself.

What exactly is Tristan’s stand on food stamps and other social programs?

It is said “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” Though Tristan isn’t sure what mice have to do with it but the truth is no matter how hard you plan the unexpected always happens. Food stamps and other programs must be available as a stop-gap measure to insure the basics are provided when the dodo hits the fan. It should not, however, become a lifelong program providing a way of life to those too lazy to work. Those receiving government aid should be expected to perform some form of work in exchange for the aid they receive. Everyone can do something even if it’s just stuffing envelopes.

How does Tristan feel about the unions?

There is power in the masses not the individual “united we stand divided we fall” In the early days of America the power was in the business. If someone wanted to work thay no choice but to accept the low wages, long hours, and unhealthy conditions demanded by the corporations. The rich became richer and the average American was treated like a pile of S***. Until the people organized and the unions were born. At first this was a good thing working conditions improved. People had more money to spend improving the economy. Then things changed. The unions were taken over by organized crime Demands for higher wages, have force many businesses and even governments into bankruptcy. The days of the unions have come and gone. Unions are a thing of the past and union leaders fall under Tristan’s definition of criminal.

How does Tristan feel about the $15.00 minimum wage?

Tristan says get real. Jobs like flipping hamburgers aren’t meant to be a lifetime career. They are meant as a starter job giving youth an introduction to working and the demands expected of them. If you want to make more money stay in school study hard and work even harder.