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Tristan’s Thinking January 5, 2018

Tristan for President
Posted by on January 4, 2018
Tristan after being brushed and baithed be his mommy.

Tristan’s Thinking

My plan is to post a weekly thought, quote or misquote as daddy calls them, and my top pick. Daddy doesn’t think I’ll remember to keep this up, I’ll show him.

Tristan’s Thought of the Week

Teach you dog to fish

Teach your dog to fish

Give a dog a fish and he will love you for a day. Teach a dog to fish and watch the sponsorships come rolling in.

The problem is the big bathtubs that fish live in.

Tristan’s Misquote of the week

“So many treats, so little time.”

Thankfully Aunt Linda does her best to give me as many as she can.

If I could pick my treat, I’d pick all of them

Tristan’s Pick of the Week

Kong Classic Dog Toy and don’t forget to fill it with peanut butter.

My daddy has yet to buy me a Kong, my mouth waters at the thought of unlimited peanut butter right at the tip of my tongue.

My dream filled with peanut butter

My dream filled with peanut butter