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Visiting my Bestest Friend Tyson

Posted by on October 15, 2013
Playing with Tyson, My Bestest Friend

Playing with Tyson, My Bestest Friend

I am over at Uncle Tom’s house. Visiting my bestest friend in the whole world. Tyson’s mommy is in the hospital something about surgery to fix a pain in her back which Tyson swears isn’t his fault. With Tyson you never know he can be a pain sometimes but he is still my bestest friend.

Daddy says that we will be here a week or more. Daddy and I came over last night. This morning daddy to Aunt Kris to the hospital then brought mommy over. Now mommy is sleeping and daddy says I can use the computer as long as I don’t mess with his download.

Daddy talked to the man working on our SUV who said it would be ready in about two weeks. Daddy says that he will need to go up there and drive it home, I knew it was a useless vehicle and now it’s going to take my daddy away from me again. Stupid Useless Vehicle.

Daddy says we are going to go camping in it when he gets it back. We know how things went last time daddy took it out exploring. Mommy is talking about going to the Valley of Fire. Why would we want to go to a valley that is on fire? We had a wood burning stove in our last house and sometimes it would spit up a ton of smoke into the house it made my eyes water and made me cough. Why co some place smoky like that. Daddy says it’s not really on fire, it just looks that way. Even so why chance it?