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We are going Camping

Posted by on March 4, 2014

About a week ago daddy stared packing things like he was going away. I was worried that he was going to go away and leave me again. Mommy and daddy have been talking about doing something called camping. I didn’t know what camping is but it didn’t sound like it included me. Turns out I was wrong I guess they were planning on taking me.

I’m still not sure I understand camping. First daddy packed just about everything except the kitchen sink, though for all I know that might be in there as we’ll. then we all polled in the SUV and drove for about an hour before stopping at McDonald’s where daddy bought me my own cheese burger.

After that we drove for awhile longer before turning off the main road toward willow beach. We got onto a bumpy dirt road until mommy found a place in the middle of nowhere she liked, we stopped ther and all got out. Daddy and I walked around a lot they got some of the stuff out of the SUV daddy unrolled something called a tent and decided it was too big. Finally we loaded everything back into the SUV drove back to willow beach. We stopped at a campground. Again we all got out of the SUV. Daddy unrolled the tent again. Mommy and daddy kept looking at the instructions after about an hour they got the tent set up and mommy blow up our air mattress and set up our bed.

By now it was dark. Daddy took me for a walk. There are tons of things to smell her if I wasn’t so tired from all the work I did earlier. I could have really had a blast smelling everything. After we got back we took.mommy for a walk.

Daddy and had salads for dinner, now we are all laying down daddy is about to go to sleep, mommy is reading. And I borrowed daddy’s iPad so I could write all this down while it is fresh in my mind. So far I love camping. The best part is that I have my daddy here by my side. I love anything that has me with my daddy except baths,

Good night everyone pleasant dreams.