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Website Review

Tristan working on his blog
Posted by on November 27, 2017

I was asked to review a website of the 50 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World. If possible to add a link to them from my blog.

To start with I cannot understand how anyone could list Bichon Frise number 46 on the list. We should be number one. After all we were best on show at Westminster in 2001. Maybe they’ve got the list backwards and the best dogs are at the end. Even so, we should be the number one the top dog. Then as I read through it has a list of famous owners of Bichons. Can you believe they didn’t even list my daddy, as far as I’m concerned, he should be number one. OK, maybe Emma Watson should be on the list. After all, she is you Hermione in Harry Potter. I’m not one to argue with a smart powerful witch like that. I’m sure she bewitched the people who wrote the blog to get on there.

Other than the points I lasted it is a fairly good list braking us into seven groups; working group, sporting group, non-sporting group, toy group, herding group, hound group, and terrier group.

We Bichon Frise are listed as non-sporting which makes a lot of sense. I have no interest in watching sports on TV or even live games. I do occasionally play with my daddy we love games but that’s not sports, it’s just playing around. Things like fetch, keep away, and fetch are fun but nothing like sitting on the couch with my daddy.


“Cheerful, playful and with a sense of curiosity this breed gets on with everyone – adults, children, other dogs. Your Bichon Frise has a lot of energy but a regular, daily walk is enough to satisfy his exercise requirements.”

  • Cheerful: As my blog said I am a “Just a fun-loving pooch.”
  • Playful; I love to play with my daddy, I think I’ve already barked about that.
  • Curiosity; I love asking my daddy questions and learning new things.
  • Gets on with everyone; This isn’t totally true I do not get along with the evil mailman. That said how could anyone get along with such an evil person one who is just waiting on the chance to kill everyone in the home and take anything he wants.  Then there is the vet and other doctors. As baby the vets felt I should be put down because of my back legs. How can you like or trust someone who wants to kill you? Other than that, I love about everyone. I’m part of a large family with many brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, nieces, and nephews.
  • Energy; yes, I have a lot of it daddy use to take us out for walks everyday that stopped last year I wish he would start again.


“These small dogs respond well to training and will pick up new commands quickly.”

Here the wording is poor it makes it sound like we are the ones that need trained. We are the ones who train our people. I had to train daddy to pick me up, and much more.

Some Bichon Frise fun facts!

The breed originates in the Mediterranean and was a favorite with Italian and Spanish sailors

I’ve never been to the Mediterranean but my daddy lived in Italy for almost two years. I guess that qualifies as Italian though daddy was in the Air Force not the Navy so he’s not a sailor.


You pronounce the name like this: bee-shon free-zay

However, Older versions of Microsoft Word Spell Checker would try to change it to Bacon Fries.

‘Frise’ means ‘curly’ – a reference to the breed’s curly locks!

Yes, my hair would be curly if mommy didn’t cut it off all the time.

They’re nearly hypoallergenic – which means allergy sufferers may have few or no symptoms in their company

Celebrity owners of Bichon Frise

“King Henry III, Sadie Frost, Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor, Martha Stewart, Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor”

I’ve already barked about this.