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What is wrong with the world

Posted by on October 19, 2014

They groomed me again!

They groomed me again!

Last night I was sitting on the loveseat with my daddy while we read the news. So much

ugly in the world. Ebola and EV-D68. There is ISIS and then there is Russia. Spending is out of control in Washington, it seems the only thing politicians can do is spend other people’s money. I want to know who let the patients out of the asylum in Ferguson and why it seems law enforcement’s answer to everything is to shot. I think it is time for the world to go to the dogs. Sure there are a few bad dogs out there but truth be told it’s because of the people who abuse them. It all goes back to evil people.

I wanted to call my representatives and bark them a piece of my mind but daddy says good boys don’t use that king of barks. I know he’s right, if I barked like that mommy would wash my mouth out with soap. Bad enough I got groomed yesterday the last thing I want is to have my mouth washed out.

In despair I look down at the ground and there is my little sister going about her antics and I can’t help but laugh. Despite what I read in the news the worlds not all bad. There is much good if you only look. Even in baby sisters.

Even Autumn wasn't safe from the groomers

Even Autumn wasn’t safe from the groomers

My goal for this new week is to bring a little more love to the world. I started by letting the two women, who knocked on the door looking for mommy, pet me. One of them even said they have a small Bichon and love us. They are nice people. They even brought a treat for mommy.