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Who scheduled the early wakeup call?

Just Tristan
Posted by on November 2, 2017

Early this morning my cousin set off the HBN (Home Barking Network). We had no idea why it was set off but just like the NBN (Neighborhood Barking Network) Once it is set off we must all join in. You humans can relate this to either the Emergency Alert going off on everyone’s TV/smart device or general gossip. For more detail on how useful this system is just watch 101 Dalmatians and see how our British cousins used it when the puppies went missing.

Of course, all this barking woke my daddy up and after letting us all out back to take care of business, daddy got dressed. My thoughts of spending a relaxing day on the couch with my daddy came to a crashing halt when he announced he needed to work in the garage. Half an hour later, when I was about to give up on ever seeing my daddy again, he emerged from the garage to turn on the TV and claim his place beside me on the couch.

However, my relief was short lived when Aunt Linda came out and announced that they needed to leave by 10:30. What, where are the running off to now? Yesterday it was the doctor and a stop at Whole Foods followed later in the day by a trip to pick up oxygen for Aunt Linda with a stop at Red Robin for dinner, where once again no one thought to invite us. At least Aunt Linda brought left overs for us.

The real question is with standard air containing almost 21% oxygen why did the need to drive some place to pick some up? It seems to me like a waste of both time and money, time daddy should have spent with me and money daddy should have spent on me. People are wasteful they need to learn where their priorities should be.