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Woof! I should have seen it coming

Posted by on April 4, 2013

We have company coming tomorrow so mommy’s been busy cleaning everything, the house, the yard, anything she could get her hands on. The other day I thought I was in trouble but daddy ended up taking me for a walk so I let my guard down. This morning I was cuddling with daddy on the couch when he got a phone call after he got off the phone he went into the kitchen and came back with my lease. Foolish me I thought we were going for a walk, I was excited. But when we got outside the car beeped at us so I knew we were going for a ride. Maybe that was daddy’s friend and I was going to visit my bestest friend Tyson. Boy was I confused when we stopped it wasn’t Tyson’s house. When I got out of the car I realized I had been tricked and we were at the groomers. I tried to run but daddy was holding the lease to tight. When we got inside I hid behind daddy hoping they wouldn’t see me but they did and took me away from my daddy into their chamber of horrors.

20130404-154446.jpgLook what they did to me! My head looks like a big powder puff-ball. Can you belief daddy had to pay them a ransom before they would let me leave. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. When I got home Bella didn’t even recognize me and kept growling at me. Daddy picked me up a treat for afterwards, and we had a short nap. I’m going to have to bark at Aunt Judy when she gets her for making me go to the groomers. I am sure it’s all her fault. She better make it up to me. I understand even patches got groomed but I haven’t seen her yet.

Lets stand up for Doggy’s rights and get groomers outlawed.