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Yesterday was another panic Tuesday

Tristan steeling a nap in Tonka's bed
Posted by on November 25, 2015
Tristan steeling a nap in Tonka's bed

Here I am steeling a nap in Tonka’s bed

After our walk daddy stayed up and started packing. Looks like he/we are going someplace again. I always panic when daddy packs because I’m afraid he will leave me again. Last time he went on a trip without me he had a stroke and was in the hospital for a month, which is forever in dog years.

Finally, daddy got out our dishes and packed our dog food. We are going! I can do my job and take care of my daddy.

After hours of hard work daddy had everything loaded and mommy put our leases on. We were ready to roll. Daddy hopped on the highway heading north looks like we might see Cassie, Jessica, or Monica.

We stopped for snacks and a nature call in Mesquite. Next stop Cedar City where we visited my sister Cassie and her family before heading on north. Looks like Jessica or Monica.

After hours of driving and well past bedtime we pulled into Payson, Aunt Monica it is then. Our cousin Tonka was waiting and greeted us with a friendly growl. We had a lot of barking to catch up on. Well past midnight we all made it to our beds.

Despite our late bedtime the Autumn alarm still went off bright and early dragging us all out of bed for daddy’s Physical Therapy walk around the block. All the ne smells it’s been a long time since we are here there is even a little snow on the ground. Not enough to play in but more than I’d ever see in Las Vegas.

Daddy had to make a trip to the store for last-minute Thanksgiving items. Then he was able to take another short nap with us. Aunt Monica has been cooking all day I can’t wait until tomorrow. There will be little kids here and kids are great at dropping food on the floor. It should keep us on the cleanup crew busy.  Can already tasted the thanksgiving droppings.

I’m ready to go to bed so tomorrow will come sooner