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Posted by on February 27, 2013
Mommy gets her dirt

Mommy gets her dirt

I know I missed posting yesterday. Mommy & Daddy were working outside and Daddy to the iPad with him so he could listen to his music on Pandora while he worked on mommy’s garden beds that arrived yesterday. I discovered can’t open the notebook computer by myself. Daddy has enough problems. I just can’t do it.Yesterday a big truck showed up and dumped a pile of dirt in our driveway. Daddy says its five yards but it doesn’t look like enough to even fill our back yard. Earlier two people showed up with the arts to build mommy’s garden beds.  They were her all day working. They put two beds up in the back yard. Daddy says they also put two on the west side of the house where we can’t see it. They also ran all the water and filled them with dirt. They were here most of the day. And we couldn’t go outside while they were working in the back yard.

Mommy planted her potatoes yesterday and two new trees in the back yard. Today it looks like they bought two flower plants and six more trees in the back yard. Daddy says that they also bought two fig trees and another grape vine for the front yard. So total that will give them 16 more things to plant not counting the hundreds of things to go in mommy’s garden boxes.

Mommy is happy, daddy has a lot of work to do and I will be kept busy all summer trying to keep the trees watered. I hope I get extra treats for all this work.

Time for me to go out and water the trees again.